Tips for travelling by car with your pet

It’s holiday time and many of us will travel with our pet. Here are some tips so you can travel comfortably by car with your pet.
- Isn’t your pet used to travelling by car or does he usually get sick?
Do not feed him during the last four hours before starting the trip. If you want to give him water, the same rule should be applied one hour earlier.
- If you know that he usually gets sick, talk to a vet. He will recommend you specific medication according to the situation.

- "Isn’t your animal used to travelling?"
It is best to start by taking a few car trips with your furry animal, for short distances, so that he gets used to it.

- "Does your big paw animal suffer much from anxiety during the trip?"
Ask a vet for information as there are tranquilisers on the market that help your pet to relax and to have a quiet trip.

- In the case of long trips, stop every hour, so that both can stretch the legs and the paws, drink water and satisfy their physiological needs.
- Do not carry the animal inside the car without proper safety equipment. When it comes to cats, boxes are ideal for a safe trip. Dogs should wear a harness and an animal seat belt.

- Do not forget to bring your pet's vaccination record and your pet's license so you can submit the documents if necessary.
- Keep the car temperature pleasant.
- Travelling is as stressful for you as it is for your pet. Be patient, kind and gentle with your four-legged friend. Have a nice holiday!